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"I was stuck in a corporate job going nowhere. Since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to be a motivational speaker but didn’t know how to make the transition. Then I met Torii. During our reading she told me that saw me speaking to groups of hundreds of people. She told me that public speaking was my life’s purpose. That give me the confidence I needed to quit my day job. Now, I am not only speaking to groups, I am training others to become powerful speakers and get their message out to the world." Thank you Torii!

Passionately Speaking,

Arvee Robinson
Persuasive Speaking Coach

Dear Torii,

I couldn’t go to bed tonight without writing this to you…

Thank you…Thank you for the miracle of my daughter, thank you for the blessing of being healed, thank you for saving my life, thank you for giving my daughters their mama, thank you for giving my husband his best friend….Thank you for being in our lives!!!

I will go to bed thinking of all these blessings…


for CS/Dana Point

"I am so excited to have met Tori Allah. I am a fan of her psychic work. Her presence is so delightful that I am mesmerized listening to her teaching about all things Spiritual. You have much to learn from this special lady."

John J Oliver,
professional psychic of TRUTV
Celebrity psychic of t.v. series ‘Haunting Evidence,’ ‘Door to the Dead’ and ‘FBI Psychic Profiler’

Dear Torii,

Thank you Torii for my families new ski boat. I knew my dream boat would not have been possible if it wasn’t for you. When I started attending your spiritual development classes you told me, "Don't be surprised what will happen when I start working on myself."? Attending your lectures, reading your book, practice steps for grounding and meditation, has taught me how to excel in all aspects of my life. In the class I have learned that the “Magic” is in the information and the blessing come in when you share it with someone else.

I want to share this blessing I received. You and I had quick conversation about my old ski boat and how I was shopping for a new one. You told me to,” Hold off, now was not a good time.” It is truly amazing how strong your psychic abilities are and how you are so connected to the highest guidance in the universe. About an eighteen months later “The Boat,” the one I wanted for about five years comes along. The boat company went out of business and we were able to buy this new boat for about 50,000.00 less than we would have paid.

Thank you Torii

It’s an honor to be in your class, a blessing to be on my path and to feel that support team every day.

Thank you God

for S. Porter/Yorba Linda

By attending Torii’s spiritual developmental classes, I have been learning to hear my higher guidance. And with this extraordinary awareness, it has helped me set goals and to find my true purpose in life. The goals and dreams I always knew were there but were never able to dig out way back of that closet.

Torii told me that when you work hard spiritually, attend the classes and share this information, “Don’t be surprised at what blessings can accrue.” Well I believe it! This summer, my 15-year-old daughter was swimming behind a beached speed boat. A drunk driver decided to gun his beached boat in reverse to get it offshore. He completely backed right over the top of her.

People were screaming at the guy and my daughter still does not know what happen or how she got out of the way. She said, "She felt the presser of the motor and then everything went black.” A Fireman that was there came up to me and said, “I have rescued people and I have not rescued people, God hand a hand in this, because today was just not her day to go."

I believe it was a miracle. She didn’t have a scratch.

Thank you God
Thank you Torii

Thank you for your classes and your devotion to your students.

S/P & L/P/Yorba Linda, C.A.

I have known Torii for several years now. Even though I didn’t know about her psychic abilities until a few years ago, I have always felt some type of connection with her.

I always knew that she was good at what she does but even so I had my doubts about something she told me. She shared with me that I would be receiving a promotion and even went as far as telling me how much I would make. My immediate thought was that a promotion and more money would be wonderful but it just wasn’t going to happen. I went on to explain to Torii that it wasn’t the way things happen where I work. You see my position was as high as it could be in my department and my boss wasn’t planning on retiring for years. Simply put, I strongly doubted Torii’s reading.

In spite of my doubts, as Torii predicted, I was promoted. It just wasn’t the way I thought it would be. A new position was created and I was asked to apply. It was in a new field that I knew nothing about. Even so, I was selected for the position. Not only was Torii correct about the promotion but she hit the nail on the head for the beginning salary for the position.

Her abilities are amazing and now rather than doubting, I now know to just have faith. I may not know the exact path but somehow I always arrive at my predicted destination.

Lori D. - Anaheim

I received my first reading from Tori on December 23rd, 2008.  I actually wasn't so sure that she was connecting with my mother.  When Tori first brought her in, she said how psychic my mother was and that she was a medium like Tori.  Tori said that mom could have done it professionally had she wanted to.  This I knew to be true.  The things my mother knew was uncanny.
But other things just didn't seem to fit.  Tori said that mom kept showing Tori her teeth.  Mom was concerned.  Tori said that mom was trying to warn me about something teeth related.  Tori said that I may have inherited her soft teeth.  I do have this as well as other problems teeth related.  Tori went on to talk about mom trying to get a sign to me, maybe a scent.  She was also ‘seeing chimes.’   Mom did have chimes hanging on her back door so when you went inside, she heard you from anywhere in the house.  The scent didn't make sense as Mom was not able to be around scents for quite a few years as they triggered her asthma. 
About a week into January, 2009, (a few weeks after the reading) I noticed one day that my crown implant felt loose.  This was one of my front teeth (first one to the right side).  Well, not only did it come loose, but the cement actually let go.  So I had to go to the dentist to have it re-cemented. 

Then maybe a week after that I was in my living room at lunch time.  My husband was watching a movie.   My son was home for lunch from school, standing in the doorway talking to us.  All of a sudden I could hear wind chimes.  I asked them both if they could hear them too, and they both said they could.  I don't have wind chimes, anywhere...  There was no explanation other than that it was Mom.  Knowing this I still went looking to be sure there wasn't something causing this... I desperately needed proof of Mom being ok and still existed somewhere... 

I called my sister to tell her what had happened.  As I was talking to her, my sister’s chimes outside her back door started chiming.  She said there was no wind and that she had not heard them in quite a while.  Then the chimes stopped and her dog started barking at the back door.  No one was there and soon after he just went down the hall to lie down.  I guess Mom wanted my sister to know too that she was for sure around.
Thank you, Tori.  I had hit such a low with mom’s passing. I was at a point of losing some of my spiritual values and beliefs.  Since then my crying has lessened and I am starting to think of her with smiles instead of sadness.  It was one year yesterday (February 5th) that she passed and I have to say that my day went much better than it would have without my reading, I'm sure of it.

Alana–Nova Scotia, Canada

God guided my life to meet wonderful people.  As soon as these people learned about my quest to reach my lost spiritual connection, I was introduced to Tori Allah. At first I was very skeptical to the information given in her class. It took a few more classes for me to start "connecting the dots" spiritually.

At my first workshop with Tori, I felt a "Manifestation" of my spiritual Gifts coming through. Guided by Tori's prayers, Meditation Exercise and Spiritual Techniques, I've been able to reconnect with my inner self and therefore with GOD, ANGELS and my HIGHER GUIDANCE.

Tori's powerful book "DISCOVERING YOUR SPIRITUAL PATH" is not only a guide but a "LIGHT" in my path. I have found a spiritual source of connection with my ANGELS by enhancing the communication and harmony with them. Without a doubt I can say that all the information and guidance received in every class with Tori, has had a tremendous impact on my life. In just five months, since GOD crossed my path with Tori, my entire life has turned around, 360 degrees, full of Blessings and now Helping other people as a Healer. I’m ‘blessed’ to attend these valuable, down to earth classes where I receive knowledge, friendship and the healing energy to continue with my Spiritual growth. I'm grateful and honored to call Tori Allah my teacher.

Javier–Upland, CA

I am honored to know Tori Allah. I had been praying for a teacher on the West Coast where I live, but it had to be a teacher of a very high vibration. The angels brought me to Tori; I found her when I happened to tune in on an episode of a psychic show that she was on.

My life has not been the same since! She has helped answer many questions on a wide range of areas, from my angels and guides, to my life lessons and contracts that I had made before incarnating. She has also feng shui’d my home, and done hands on healing work on me, all of it phenomenal.

I am now a student of hers at her weekly class in Brea. I greatly look forward to each one. She has taught me so much about many different areas of life on this side, as well as the other side. I can’t imagine not knowing her. She is a bright light, and her purpose is to help as many people as she can in this lifetime to evolve to a higher place spiritually.

I wholeheartedly recommend her for any area of spiritual advisement, healing or feng shui that you may need. Tori is a blessing; an earth angel if you will, and I guarantee you that once you meet her your life will never be the same.

Jenny M.–Yorba Linda

We (Mother and daughter) have been taking Tori’s classes for many years and what we have learned has improved our lives immeasurably.  One of our most treasured blessings has been regarding our grandson/nephew – a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.  We have prayed consistently and asked Tori to pray for him during his three deployments in Iraq, and because we were making an effort to grow and learn spiritually, she was able to intervene.

He was in Iraq on his second tour of duty when we heard on the television of an explosion (killing many) in an area where we knew he might have been.  We were very concerned and worried. 

We attended Tori’s class that evening.  She, being psychic, knew of our concerns and mentioned our grandson/nephew in class without us saying a word.  Amazing! 

She stated that, yes, he was in this area and would have been in this explosion but Tori had already negotiated with the angels on our behalf. They (the angels) intervened and delayed his leaving, causing him to be late. He had missed the explosion by a few feet. Tori reassured us that the angels told her that he would return without a scratch and for us not to worry.

We talked to our grandson/nephew when he returned home about his time in Iraq. He eventually confirmed this story of being delay that day which was unusual and the explosion ahead.  His reply was, “Grandma I didn’t’ even need a bandaid all the while I was there!”

We are very humbled and grateful to God, the Angels, and Tori that he is now home from his third deployment in Iraq safe and sound.

Tori’s gifts that she shares, teaching us to be better people, helping us to move forward on our path in life – making each day easier and happier, and that is immeasurable!  It is so important to make the effort and be thankful for the blessings you receive.

Thank you, thank you, Tori, for sharing your precious gift with us.

M and K–Yorba Linda

I first met Tori through a business transaction. Because of my limited knowledge of psychics & spiritual channelers, I was a little suspicious to say the least to believe in this.

Since knowing Tori, she has changed my mind. First, she completely surprised me by specifically diagnosing an old sports injury that has been recently bothering me. Second, she exactly predicted the selling & negotiating prices for two properties (one bank-owned) we had transactions with.

In a few words...she is a talented psychic and a great person!

T.H.–Yorba Linda

I had been trying for a long time to get pregnant. I knew that I had a lot of scar tissue in my uterus and that it would be difficult to become pregnant. My husband and I had been praying for this blessing and asking for guidance in helping us achieve this. Unknown to me, Tori had the healing hands to help us.

This is where the real story begins. I was attending a workshop given by Tori about “Conmunicating With Your Spirit Guides.” Before Tori began the guided meditation, she cleansed our chakras.  Each individual had different areas of cleansing.  When she made it around the room to me, Tori asked permission to place her hands on my abdominal area.  She placed one hand on the back of my neck and the other on my lower abdomen.  Then Tori guided us through our meditation in hopes of contacting our spirit guides. When the meditation was over, we all shared our experiences. I was a bit shaken and hesitant to share my story, because my meditation led me to Jesus. So I just blurted out, “I saw Jesus!” I described his features and clothing and then I shared the conversation I had. I asked if he was here to help me, to heal me? This was his response, “I am here to breathe life into you”. When he spoke, his breath filled and flooded into my body. We held hands for a brief moment in which I kept thanking him again and again. When I was done telling my story, Tori mentioned that she had asked for a sign that what she was guided to do was alright.  She also thanked Jesus.  Tori continued to explain that she in fact had been ‘guided’ to work on healing some scar tissue damage in my abdominal area instead of cleansing my chakras.  She had no prior knowledge of my abdominal scarring. Tori said that she ‘saw’ this was the problem. Tori asked for a sign that she had done the right thing since this was a workshop and not a healing session.  My connection with Jesus was the confirmation she needed. I was grateful to Tori for taking a leap of faith and working on starting the healing process. I was thankful for the entire experience, but this was not the end of my miracle!

Three weeks later I was so anxious to get to Wednesday nights lecture with Tori. I couldn’t wait to share my good news with everyone. That I was PREGNANT!!! I have a miracle baby and words can’t express the gratitude I have for her!

Tori teaches about paying forward our blessings. I prayed for direction in where I should “pay it forward”. My answer came to me a few weeks later in the form of a 12 year-old boy in Guatemala. We sponsored him for the year, paying for school, medical and other resources. In writing this testimony I hope I am able to give Tori the credit she deserves. She blesses all of us with her knowledge and love. For my family, and I, we are eternally grateful!

C.Smith – 2008

I have been a student of Tori’s for several years now. Her readings are positive and gives an insight into what your purpose in life is all about.

I just recently attended Tori’s “Spiritual Cruise” with a group of students and friends. She had two workshops on the cruise. During one of them, Tori did hands on ‘healing’ on me. I experienced a releasing of depression. I felt free and full of life. My friends have said that I not only act happier, but I have a total different look about me.

It has been a wonderful gift to know Tori and experience a part of her teaching.


The day Tori approached me with personal knowledge of my life experiences, I was touched and knew she was real.
Tori has offered me an indescribable emotional uplift about myself and family members. Her reading provided truth, closure and insights of the future.

Her powerful healing provided my father a healthier life.

Since my reading with Tori, I have been blessed with positive things in my daily life. I thank God every day for bringing Tori into my life and giving me strength to live a more fulfilled and happy life for myself and my family.

Thank you, Tori, for all your wonderful attributes. You have enlightened my life.

Sylvia L.
Fashion Jewelry Merchandiser

Thank you, Tori, for blessing my life with your light and love. I know that I was divinely guided to you. From my first reading with you, I knew you were not only an extraordinary, gifted psychic, but also someone who loved God.
You also gave my mother a healing, enabling her to be more present within her own body. That reduced a great deal of stress in my own life. Thank you.

Your classes in Psychic Development have helped me to learn and to lay a firm foundation of greater psychic awareness, aligned with spiritual truth.

I couldn’t say enough about everything that you’ve done for me and my family.

Thank you for being a true example of Divine Love in action. May God bless you in everything that you do.

Always in love and light,

Wil I.— Long Beach, CA

Tori Allah has truly been a Godsend in my life and my family’s life. I have been going to her for 10 years and have received many, many readings. Her readings have helped me immensely by providing insights into the root causes of my life’s issues, gave me a direction to follow what’s in my best spiritual interest and she also connected with some of my family members who had passed on, which gave me peace of mind and closure. Tori’s ability to tune in to your guides, angels and loved ones and communicate with them directly is truly phenomenal. One huge area in my life that she has helped me with was my fear of public speaking. In one of my readings, Tori was able to tap into one of my past lives where my actions caused me to be killed, which was carried out in the throat area. After that revelation, I was able to move forward and give speeches at work where the audience included the director and the top executives of the organization.

In conclusion, I would like to encourage you to get a reading from Tori Allah because, not only is she extremely accurate, it is also an enormous blessing. Her readings will literally change your whole life.

Janice U.
Information Systems Manager

Hi Tori.

I wanted to thank you for my reading(s) yesterday. My Mom is very interested in also getting one done, probably an hour. How much would it be?

I wanted to let you know that I took Katie (my Chocolate Lab) to the vet today. They did an ultra sound and confirmed that she DOES have bladder stones. They did some lab work and I should have the results tomorrow. They will also let me know if she will need surgery.

I’ll keep you updated, if you would like.

Again, thank you for doing what you do. I’m very grateful.


“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same.”

I believe that a person’s spirit can die. Although the physical and mental faculties carry us through our daily existence, our spirit can be so depleted and malnourished that we lose ourselves and fall into deep feelings of fear and despair. I know this because mine died not too long ago.

Some call this depression, some anxiety. Whatever the diagnosis, it is a state of mind and spirit that is paralyzing. At the time, my heart ached, my body was weak, my soul would not rest. I could not sleep and felt as if I had given every bit of energy and love possible from within. I had nothing left – nothing. I was hollow; empty except for the pain and unrest that took over my being. I knew I needed to make some changes and seek some guidance or I would self destruct. It was at this time that I heard about Tori.

I had always been spiritual by nature and self-reflective. I grew up believing in God and his love. I was taught by my mother to listen to my heart and dreams and to let my intuition guide me. Based on experiences of others, I believed with complete faith that Tori would be able to provide insight and answers to help me heal. And that is what happened next.

My first reading with Tori helped me understand my sorrow and started my journey of self discovery and growth. She focused my attention toward trusting in God and my angels and in defining what I needed to heal and find happiness. Over the past year, my journey continued as I enrolled in her weekly classes and worked on my spiritual well-being. Within a year, I have made great strides toward living a life that matters to me. I am focused on God’s divine and perfect purpose for me and know my angels are walking with me through every trial and triumph. Peace, love and empathy have replaced my fear, despair and bitterness. I am open and listening to all that supports and guides my journey and leads me to fulfill my goals and life purpose. I am meditating and learning about myself and the universe I live in. And although I have many more mountains to climb and chapters of my own destiny to write, I know that I am loved and that my life is full of God’s blessings.

That is what Tori has taught me. She is my earth angel, sent to me so that I may live and love and feel again. She is my gift from heaven to help me face my fears, recognize my lessons and learn how to find my inner peace. She is “God’s voice” in gently teaching me to be true to myself and to take ownership of my own destiny. My spirit is alive and I now see the abundance that surrounds me.

Thank you God for Tori. Thank you that in Your guidance through her, I am now healing and present to be the woman, mother and teacher that I desire to be. I am filled with hope, I am manifesting Your goodness and I am learning to pay attention to signs and lessons that guide me and radiate Your existence.

I believe!

I challenge you, readers, to digest, study and embrace the messages within these pages, Watch the goodness that floods your life when you learn and grow. See the miracles unfold. Our angels and guides are ready to listen, lead and love us along life’s journey. Open your mind, your spirit and your heart to all the blessings waiting for you. You are never alone. You are loved and peace will be yours.

Pam T.

My name is Gilbert M. and I am writing this testimonial to try to express how much I have been influenced by my teacher and friend, Tori Allah.

I got my first reading from Tori at the Learning Light Psychic Fair back in January of 2006. It was an amazing read and very accurate. As a matter of fact, it was a 100% read. No misinformation and no guesses were involved and the feeling that I got from the reading was one of comfort and reassurance.

Tori read that my friend, Gina, had crossed over and was with her father, who had crossed over a few years earlier. He was there to meet her and they’ve been hanging out since. Tori also got that Gina’s brother needed to know that it was not his fault she had died and that her three boys and fiancé are in the right place. She, Gina, mentioned that she did not want her boys to be raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses, the way that her mother had raised her. This information that came through did not make sense to me at first. Her brother was distraught with guilt after he had dropped off Gina to a club after she was in an argument with her fiancé, only for her to get into a car accident and die that night on her way home. All of this information was validated for me when I spoke to Gina’s mother on the phone. I was amazed at the accuracy of the events and in the order of which they occurred. The kicker was when Tori mentioned that Gina’s father was playing guitar. I asked Gina’s mother about this and she said that he did in fact play guitar while he was alive. Apparently, he’s still playing on the other side.

Needless to say, Tori’s reading brought comfort and closure to some of Gina’s family and that was the gift. I highly recommend you, the reader, to a reading with Tori Allah.

I have been attending Tori’s classes on spirituality since January, 2006 and nothing but wonderful events have been occurring to me on a regular basis ever since. It’s not only the information I received but also when I apply the information to my life, and life’s situations that I see the results. I now have a better direction of where I am going in this life and how I can contribute and make a difference. It’s kinda cool to be around someone who can show you how to get in touch with the important stuff. It’s what I asked for, and that’s cool.

Gilbert M.

Hi Tori,

You told me 520 popped up when I asked (you) when we would sell the house.  Looking back at all the paperwork, 5-20 is the day the current buyers made an offer. This is the third buyer we got (like you said).  The offer is quite low at $935,000 and they want a credit of $5,700 for the air/heating. We countered back at a $1,000 credit and like you suggested just said (to them) that this is an old house. Finally, they accepted the final offer at $960,000 with the $1,000 credit for repairs.  It looks like everything falls into your prediction. Now, we are waiting for the escrow to be closed by June 29th.

Antonia Y.—San Marino

I have known Tori Allah only four months, but it seems like forever. In this time, I have taken her weekly class as well as getting a reading from her, and the best word I can use to describe my experience is “accelerated.”

In this short time I have:

  • Become more aware of my purpose in life
  • Gotten onto the path that will take me there
  • Stopped wrestling with “why” I am here, which I had struggled with my whole life
  • Learned to trust my instincts and first impressions better
  • Gained a stronger sense of spirituality and connection with God.

At another time, I might have viewed this as being “coincidental,” but, deep in my soul, I know it’s not. As Tori says, “there are no accidents.” This is real, and I almost feel like I’m watching it unfold before my eyes.

Additionally, my mother went to see Tori for a healing session. My mother’s heart problems were much more serious than she had told any of us. We found out (later) she was going to her cardiologist every three months and he told her if she didn’t improve they would put in a defibrillator. Three weeks after the healing session – which was interesting in itself – my mother went back to her doctor and he told her everything looked so good, she didn’t need to come back and see him for ANOTHER YEAR! Her cholesterol level was also down in the normal range when they took tests.

I think that God led me to Tori so I could finally ‘get my show on the road.’  Tori tapped in to things I have known all my life (finally – someone who could see the ‘real me’) but I never knew how to get started or make them materialize into anything concrete. As far as explaining “how” it’s all happened, I have no idea… changes can take place in the wink of an eye; miracles happen when God speaks to us and we listen; things happen for a reason.

The important thing for me is that a huge roadblock has been removed thanks to her. Incidentally, “Tori Allah” means “Gateway to God” and she has certainly been that for me.

Jodie M.—Fullerton, CA

Tori Allah has a powerful psychic gift which she uses to heal and to touch in a manner that is both professional and profound. She is blessed with noble qualities which God uses to enable her to teach life lessons of love and the spiritual nature of our relationships. She has given me the ability to catch a glimpse of my own unique gifts and to see where I can best use my own God given talents.

She offers me a safe haven where I can learn and she has taught me, it is a responsibility to grow psychically and not to try and run from my gifts but to use the gifts wisely and with love and kindness toward others. For this, I am very thankful.

My body has been healed of a chronic, nearly debilitating pain in my hip since joining her class. I also have a renewed outlook concerning my physical body, mind and soul.

Tori has touched my life in a very positive and meaningful way.

L.L.—Laguna Beach, CA

Tori, Thank you for all you are doing to Feng Shui our home.

Since your first visit, and our decision to Feng Shui for Health, Wealth, and Helpful People/Travel, many opportunities have come our way as a family. I personally have had several offers of complementary cruises, increased clientele, and peace of mind from perfect health; documented by the need to replace my driving glasses as my eyes are improving.

You so sincerely wanted us to understand the care and maintenance of our Feng Shui'd home and were so patient while teaching us the Ba-gua.  Your explanations helped us assimulate and we added a water feature to our Career center; causing all of our careers to grow within days.

I remain impressed, Tori, by a simple comment that you made... the Feng Shui begins the minute you book the appointment... you are definitely a very powerful Feng Shui Master and I am honored to know you.

Dr. Cindy J.—Palos Verdes, CA

I call her the spiritual 'HOME DEPOT' for self-improvement because she does it all.  I experienced significant spiritual growth, release of emotional baggage, and a greater spiritual focus.

Ed S.—Fullerton, CA

I have been in Tori's class for about four months and have had a half hour personal reading. Tori speaks from the heart and gets right to the point. I was guided to her class because she is a highly evolved psychic. Her channeling in the classes has helped me and other students.

Mary Q.—Anaheim, CA

Tori Allah is my earth angel!  I have received so many blessings through her. To name them all would take too many pages. 

As a student of hers for two years and through private reads, I have been given guidance, clarity and divine information.  Her lessons and wisdom have helped me navigate and heal through a divorce, help my children find peace, and has heightened my intuition and sense of self. 

Most recently, Tori guided me through buying my first home. With the market prices still high at that time and being a single mother of three, I was nervous. I had fallen in love with a house near my old neighborhood and wanted it. It was important for me to get some divine input to make sure that it would be right for the kids and I. Tori looked at pictures and knew right away how it would become mine. She explained that there would be another offer given that was higher than what I could afford and told me the amount that I needed to submit. When I questioned her strategy, not wanting to lose it to a higher price, she calmed my fears and gave me hope. She explained that the owners would like my children and I so much that they would be willing to sell for the lower amount. That is exactly what happened! I offered about $25,000 less (than another offer) and they accepted. They later shared with my agent how they wanted to sell to a family that loved the house as much as they had. They saw our excitement and appreciated an easy transaction. We also had the added blessing of furniture and appliances given to us in the purchase price. It was amazing! Tori had been right on the money and events exactly! We moved in within 30 days. Later with Tori’s master feng shui visits, I have been able to create a peaceful home filled with love and abundance. My home is a gift and a reminder to never falter in my faith. 

Tori Allah is a gift straight from heaven. I have not met anyone as compassionate, loving, and talented. She is a light from heaven ready to bestow blessings and angels to all who call on her!  

P.T.—Aliso Viejo, CA

I feel truly blessed for God bringing Tori into my life. She has brought balance and healing to my home and family. My daughter’s disabilities doesn’t seem so debilitating any more. My son’s anger meltdowns seems to have smoldered away. My husband has fallen back in love with me and enjoys coming home from work. He has even admitted to this. Our home feels more relaxed, happy and peaceful.

Tori also has done hands on healing to me. Around the same time, I could not seem to get well from some kind of serious illness set deep in my chest. I had been sick for two months, been to a great doctor three times, taken a heavy dose of antibiotics, and using a breathing machine at home. Nothing was working, and I was not getting any better. My husband and I were sure I was going to be check into the hospital next. The morning I went to Tori, the cough had gone so deep in my
chest, I was not even coughing any more. Tori laid her hands on me and told me I would feel better. I coughed maybe five light times, and I never coughed again, ever! I was able to attend Tori’s spiritual class that next evening feeling great. It was truly a miracle.

I also have to tell you about a bamboo plant Tori especially 'channeled' in a special vase for me. The plant “George”, so he (the plant) told Tori, was getting ready to come home with me. Tori was showing me how to care and polish George's leaves. To my amazement, if I had not seen it with own eyes, Tori took George's leaf between her fingers and it stood up! It was like rubbing the back of a cat’s tail and having it rise up at the end. “Way cool”, I asked her to do it again. She told me it was the “Healer” in her that caused the plant to react that way and the plants love it.

I now attend Tori’s spiritual developmental classes regularly. I am blessed to say I actually have witnessed miracles always in her presence. I am lucky enough to say she has become my teacher and friend. She can bring divine guidance to anyone seeking direction, powerful healing or answers to life's questions in search of the truth.

My life is truly blessed because of Tori. Thank you, Tori!

Shelie P.—Yorba Linda, CA