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Psychic Reading with Tori

Tori will be act as a conduit and "channel" information from your guides, ancestors, masters teachers, angels and archangels, etc. Tori just asks that the client have questions ready. This way "those working on the other side for you" can give you the information you desire. Here are some of the areas covered:

  • Past Lives Information
  • Relationships Issues
  • Business Information
  • Medium — Channeling Those That Have Crossed Over and Those People here. Tori does both.
  • Options/Direction Potentials
  • Pet Communication and Health Issues
  • Family Dynamics — Its Cause/Effect
  • Feng Shui (To Sell Your Home/Buy A New Home)
  • Spirits In Your Residence or Business (Have a Picture of the Residence/Business).
    (Please Do Not Tell Tori Where You Feel The Spirit Is Located. She Will Tell You).


New clients:
$75/30 min. in-person read
$65/30 min. phone read

Current clients:
$130/30 min. in-person read
$150/30 min. in-person business read
$85/30 min. personal phone read
$90/30 min. business phone read

All Feng Shui business reads (at the location) and Personal Healings are individually priced.

Please call Torii for an estimate.

Torii requests that you have clear face shots and birthdates of individuals for an in-person read.

Phone readings require that you send a face shot of individuals as well their birthdates (month/day/year) before your phone read.

Please have no pictures of individuals wearing sunglasses or that the picture is not clear.

Call: (714) 280-8025 or e-mail Torii at: toriallah@aol.com
VISA and MasterCard Accepted