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Orange County Psychic

My job is a spiritual psychic channeler who gives you not only a psychic earthly reading but a spiritual reading as well.

What is the difference?

It is channeling for your higher consciousness using information obtained from your guides, ancestors, master teachers, angels, archangels, etc., as well as channeling the earthly day-to-day information. I believe that life is a balance. My job is not only to give you the best possible information as a psychic, but also to channel for your higher spiritual best interest as well. As such, I have been in the psychic business for over 15 years. I have students and clients that have been with me for that length of time. They are a blessing!

"Home Depot" of Psychic Information

I am called the "Home Depot" of psychic information. This means that I never know what I will get since I channel all information.

The channeled information received are considered blessings, since you already have made your life's contract. The life lessons learning process is what you had agreed upon in your contract. Situations and people that come into your path help you evolve in your learning process. There is no such thing as coincidences or mistakes when lessons are repeated. It is
that you are recognizing the association or the connection. That is great! I am only used as a conduit or a guidepost along your path. Hopefully to assist you in lighting your way with the information that is channeled.


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